UFO high ceiling lighting offer you a low profile, innovative design for industrial, commercial, institutional or agricultural use. They offer you a combination of state-of-the-art technologies including the use of high-performance, stable LEDs and MEAN WELL’s premium waterproof IP65 LED power supply. The heat sink is constructed from pure aluminum allowing the materials to expand without affecting the tightness of the fixture and providing a service life of over 100,000 hours.

General specifications:

Power 100w to 240w
Available in 90-277vAC & 200-480vAC
Lifetime of 100,000 hours
5 year limited warranty
Available in 4000K * and 5000K CCT
140lm / w is 21,000lm for a 150w luminaire
No maintenance required
Easy installation


Pure aviation quality heat sinks for optimal heat dissipation and optimal LED life
DLC certification giving access, in certain situations, to reimbursements from Hydro-Québec
NICHIA brand LEDs with lumens / watts efficiency and exceptional service life
MEAN WELL Power Supply Recognized for Reliability and Efficiency PF> 0.95 and Durability
Slim profile for incomparable versatility
Instant ignition, even in cold weather
No maintenance required (no replacement of bulbs or the << ballast >>)
Available in 90-277vAC or 200-480vAC
5 years warranty

Why switch to LED?


A lifetime of 50,000 hours, 35 years without having to change the bulb. An economy to consider when it comes time to plan an electrical installation.

Environmental Value

Reduced energy for superior performance. LED bulbs promote an eco-friendly approach without compromising on lighting quality and reduce CO2 emissions from power plants.

Economical Solution

Adopting an LED installation not only saves on lighting costs but also qualifies for a Hydro-Québec Industrial Building Grant.

Non-UltraViolet lighting

Prevents UV light deterioration of materials and colours.

Shock Resistant Lighting

LED lamps are known to be strong and shock resistant. A choice that is required when moving lighting equipment.

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